I have been writing for many years for numerous dailies and journals and, ever so often, family and friends would suggest that I should get these published in a book form. The thought was always mildly interesting but, when I considered what it entailed, I invariably dropped the idea.

Early this year, when I was convalescing, after a major surgery, I got a call from a young journalist, Haseeb Asghar, who rang from Karachi for an appointment. When he came over, we got to talking about things; what is going on around us; the world, region, and domestically. He was inquisitive and interested; and, I hadn’t found a captive audience for some weeks. We ended up talking for longer than intended.

For some reason, before departing, Haseeb inquired whether I would be willing to cooperate if he wanted to interview me for writing a book. Incredible, I thought; but wryly agreed. A few days later, Haseeb again rang from Karachi to seek permission to compile a book of my articles. I wondered who it would sell to but the enthusiasm of Haseeb and Aleem Ahmed was contagious.

This book owes its being to these two enthusiasts. They have found my essays online; selected, compiled, and formatted them in these chapters; they burned the midnight oil for weeks to expedite this project, and spent their own funds in doing so. They have consistently refused remuneration for their efforts.

Having read this compilation again, I realize that I have written well and explained my reasoning step-by-step. But, I still know not, what enthused them so, to put in this quality and quantity of effort.

Nonetheless, since something did; I am deeply honored and hugely humbled. While I have every intention of sharing with them, whatever proceeds I receive from the sale of this compilation; that is a huge if. If they sell. If I receive monies etc.

Consequently, the least I can do to recognize their contribution is to dedicate this compilation to these two enthusiasts: Haseeb Asghar and Aleem Ahmed.